Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Glass & A Half of Bubbly

This past Easter Sunday resulted in new and highly advertised chocolate bar from Cadbury getting the taste test with a glass of Optima Port for a late night nibble. The new Cadbury Dairy Milk Bubbly bar is  an easy to eat aerated 21% cocoa solids  bar seemingly marketed to towards young females. Cadbury has highly marketed this new chocolate with a six million pound ad campaign on TV, at bus stops, cinema's, and via Google and the augmented reality app Blippar.

Its good to see that this chocolate is Fairtrade certified and some serious thought has gone into packaging. The well known colour

Pantone 2685C Purple plays  a dominant role in brand identity and the new easy to peel open closure is s great idea to avoid chocolate crumbs in your coat pocket.

The chocolate itself has an easy to melt airy texture and typical "Dairy Milk" flavours and sweetness from the "glass and a half" of milk and Ghana cocoa beans that impart a bit of brown sugar and fig notes.

Esthically Cadbury wins over its original counterpart Aero with a block bar that actually looks like free foam bubbles.

Aero Top CDM Bottom
Hats off to Cadbury for implementing augmented reality into their new packaging and marketing campaign. No QR code here; but an image recognisable label that requires a new smartphone app Blippar to enjoy interactive real time activities.

Blippar Iphone screen

The Bubbly bar was a nice post prandial bite with a glass of the Warre's Optima 10 Year Old Tawny. Young tawny brick colour with aromas of fig, plum, cherry, and roasted nuts. Medium-bodied, sweet with soft acidity, and flavours of nut, toffee, baked fruit crumble, and a decent length.


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