Sunday, February 8, 2009

WINE - Voga Sparkling Pinot Grigio

Veneto Design - Vancouver Desire
I recently tasted this Italian Sparkling Pinot Grigio and thought what a great concept for the trendy and wine savvy Vancouver market. We've got a slick looking package, Voss Water in design, made from a BC favourite varietal - Pinot Grigio a.k.a. Pinot Gris, and its sparkling therefore food friendly. This Pinot Grigio is sourced from vineyards in both the Veneto and the Trentino and under goes a seven month Charmat (tank method) fermentation process. The packaging and marketing makes it uber trendy in our youthful and vibrant winemarket and it is actually very tasty. It gets my thumbs up this month.

My notes from February 7th 2009.

Straw green with lots of effervescence and surprisingly small bubbles and decent mousse. Lovely aromas of fruit salad, pear, green tree fruit, and subtle mineral notes. On the palate it is crisp and refreshing, light-bodied, with lots of green apple, pear, and ripe fruit overtones with a subtle hint of yeastiness. Great bubble for the West Coast - think salmon benedicts, sushi, or Vancouver Island goat cheese. Non vintage, 12% ABV, and $22.99 CDN in our BCLDB shops.

The closure is an interesting concept; with a large translucent screw cap covering a traditional cork and cage. If I was a product designer or packaging manager I would have opted for a resealable cap. Think bubble closure but in a screw cap. I have a great constitution for drinking; but I find it hard to drink a whole bottle of bubble solo unless watching the Oxford/Cambridge race, RBS 6 Nations, or Wimbledon. A resealable bottle would also be great for restaurant and wine bar sellability by the glass.

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