Tuesday, February 2, 2010

LOST in Wine

The final season and hopefully answers to every one's questions will be resolved in season 6. My plan of attack, take Tuesday's off and open a bottle of wine, to accompany the series. Looking at the complicated, convoluted, and mind numbing characteristics of the main characters I've paired them up with a wine to help with the sensory overload. Show details at ABC

Richard Alpert, leader of the Others and seemingly ageless time traveller

Try a great Bordeaux with some bottle age or a mature Chateau Musar or Rioja Gran Reserva. These wines seem fitting for a complex and long lived character.

Kate Austen Bouncing between the country boy Saywer and city professional Jack

A Primativo suits Kate acting as a bridge between the new and old world.

Juliet Burke a complex character playing a fertility doctor and a mechanic through time travel. Played both sides with the Others and survivors.

A classy Australian Riesling from the Clare or Eden Valley with its complex layered flavours, zesty acidity, and refreshing lime cordial notes.

Daniel Faraday an Oxford intellectual killed by his mother while travelling through time and space.

Choose a vintage Champagne for its complexity

Desmond David Hume The one character who actually had a wine scene involving wine production and retail. This seafaring Scot has a knack for sailing and not losing his cool pressing buttons every 108 minutes. The Royal Scots Regiment conjures thoughts of a peaty iodine scented whiskey but for wine try a complex white.

Caymus Conundrum.... a puzzle and a great multi -grape Californian blend.

Sayid Jarrah A former republican Guard with a spot for stiff drinks and a complex character both working for Ben then trying kill him as a child in a time travel segment

Try a complex Pinot Noir from the Burgundy or Central Otago in South Island of New Zealand

Sun-Hwa Kwon The rich daughter of a magnate with Korean mob ties. She gets pregnant on the Island and suffers with the knowledge of unsuccessful pregnancies on the island.

A complex and confident Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc with its intense aromas and flavours.

James Sawyer A confidence man with a lot of anti-social behaviour throughout most of the show.

Try a big new world red, not necessarily complex, something Australian like Yellow Tail or Wolf Blass.

Frank Lapidus The pilot originally scheduled to fly Oceanic 815 but flys Flight 316 in the future. Easy going character who seems indifferent to crashing on the Island.

Try a soft uncomplicated red such as Beaujolais

Benjamin Linus The manipulative leader of the Others and John Locke's murderer.

I'd recommend a Fino Sherry. Under appreciated, complex to make, and a refreshing change to the norm.

John Locke A man of faith and the new chosen leader of the Others. Killed by Ben in the 5th season and now apparently resurrected but with the soul of Jacob's rival.

Try a rose - preferably dry and from a Southern French varietal. Another wine style like Sherry that needs a boast of faith with consumers.

Hugo Hurley Reyes Winning the lottery brought nothing but bad luck. What’s in his guitar case? and what’s up with the winning lotto numbers?

Hugo's love of junk food means a big fruit forward, oak aged and malo influenced Chardonnay, from Australia or the USA. What else pairs well with popcorn?

Jack Shephard A neurosurgeon, leader of the survivor’s, and suicidal character.

Try a complex dessert wine like Sauternes or Tokaji Aszu 5 Puttonyos. Something with ripe fruit and botrytis.

Miles Straume A spiritualist who is able to read the thoughts of the recently departed and son of Dr. Pierre Chang.

Pair up with a South African Chenin Blanc. Dry, crisp, and complex

Charles Widmore A wealthy industrialist and former leader of the Others in the 1950's.

A boutique or garage Napa Cabernet Sauvignon or Meritage would pair well.

Jacob A complex ageless character that has touched all of the survivors and the Others throughout the timeline.

A complex white Burgundy with 5-8 years ageing. Layers of mineral, honey, and nutty undertones needed for this one.

Vincent The yellow Labrador retriever that time shifts with various survivor’s and looks somewhat like his “owner”? - Jacob...clutching straws with that one!

Fresh water; maybe a Voss on the final episode
Enjoy the final season of this intriguing show.

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