Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fenadegas A9 Portugal Wine Tasting

I recently had the pleasure of re-exploring the wines of Portugal at a trade tasting in Vancouver featuring the wines of Fenadegas Adegas Cooperativas De Portugal also known as A9. This cooperative represents 27 wineries, 15,000 producers, and approximately 20% of all Portuguese production including a staggering 70% of all Moscatel production. A9 controls 22,000 ha of vineyards and exports 13 million bottles of wines annually with wines from all 8 mainland wine regions. Far from mediocrity; this cooperative has some wonderful and well priced wines highlighting the indigenous varietals of Portugal with a modern twist.

Portugal Highlights
575 miles long – 138 miles wide
500,000 acres of vineyards
200 varietals
Low yields of 5 gallons/acre
Wine Classifications: Vinho de Mesa, Vinho Regional, VDPQRD
Varietal to watch: Touriga Nacional

The trade event started with a luncheon created by Chef Dino Renaerts of the Met Hotel paired with six wines from A9.

Bacalhau with potatoes and soft poached egg

Vercoope Via Latina Alvarinho 2008 Vinho Verde
Pale green with lime and floral aromas. Medium-bodied, crisp, and complex with flavours of green apple, lime and mineral. Reminiscent of a Clare Valley Riesling

Herb crusted baked clams with fennel butter

Adega Cooperativa de Almerm Planicle White 2009 Tejo
Straw green colour with lovely aromas of banana and glace fruits. Full-bodied, rich and lush in texture with glace pear, guava, pineapple, and banana notes. Reminds me of a well made Marsanne-Roussane.

Sea scallops with lobster essence

Adega Pegoes Select Harvest White 2009 – Peninsula de Setubal
Straw green with subtle tropical and coconut aromas. Full-bodied and lush with coconut, tropical fruit, spice, and some malo undertones.

Cozido, chourico & salt pork stew

Caves Vale do Rodo Cabeca de Burro Reserve Red 2007 – Dao
Ruby red with cedar, resin, and earthy agave aromas. Medium-bodied with some tannins and juicy warm fruit notes of plum, strawberry, and cedar.

Grilled lamb chops with fig jus

UDACA Red 2004 – Dao
Ruby red with typical fig Dao aromas. Medium to full-bodied with soft grained tannins, ripe fruit, and lush figgy notes and texture.

Spanish Cheese with quince & toasted nuts

Caves Santa Marta Vintage Port 2004 Douro
Dense purple and youthful colour and orange and fruitcake aromas. Medium-bodied and elegant style Port with sweet blackberry, spice, mulberry, and fruit cake flavours. A tasty feminine styled Port.

On the trade room floor tasting it became oblivious that A9 really shines with its single varietal Vinho Verde, Touriga Nacional (UDCA),Tawny Ports (Caves Santa Marta) and the red and white wines from Pegoes on the Setubal peninsula. Portugal proves that indigenousity, creativity, and value are the hallmarks and provenance for this region in an ever more homogenised wine world.

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  1. A perfect review of a totally enjoyable day in wonderful company - thanks Stephen!