Monday, January 19, 2009

ESSENTIAL KIT Barbour Jackets

Over the last two decades I've owned two Barbour jackets; My first purchase a waxed cotton Beaufort jacket, now famous world wide after Helen Mirren's The Queen, sparked renewed interest in this iconic English brand. Our latest purchases From Barbour were our quilted Country Liddesdale Jacket for me and a Polarquilt Jacket for Helen. The quilted jackets were ideally suited for the cool snap we experienced on the windy Broads but they lacked that characteristic aroma of oily Range Rover boots, wet dogs, and old train stations. None the less they are alot warmer and ideal for walking and country pursuits and unlike their waxed counterparts maintenance free. They still look pretty sharp when shopping on Sloane Street, Robson Street, or the Union Square/The Flatiron District , out in the countryside, and like iconic clothing - they are recession proof with age ability and a sense of ageless style. Put one on over a suit, slip on the wellies, and you've got a bit of country in the city.


  1. Unfortunately we don't see people wearing barbour in Vancouver. Since immigrating from london 9 years ago I rarely wear mine. I own 2 ;)
    interesting blog.. i'll come and visit more often (arrived here from the urbandinerforum)

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  3. Viola, Such a handsome looking couple, making the quilted Barbour more attractive. With Love Tatiana