Thursday, January 15, 2009

GIN - Hendrick's (Scotland)

My Favourite Gin for 2008
Made from the usual suspects and a couple of unusual botanicals this small batch Scottish gin made by William Grant and Son in Ayrshire is my current favourite as a martini or G&T. Made in a painstaking slow process using one of only four working 19th century Carter-Head Stills; the slow infusion of juniper, citrus, coriander, along with the very unusual rose and cucumber elements creates a gin apart in aroma, texture, and flavour. It is medium-bodied, smooth, slightly sweet, and complexly aromatic and tasting of rose, Turkish delight, spearmint, cucumber, and a hint of white chocolate. It's complex gin that merits the heavy apothecary bottle and packaging.
Next time you have a G&T add a slice of cucumber instead of the lemon or lime. Hendricks sells in British Columbia for $39.99 CDN

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