Tuesday, January 13, 2009

GREAT SHAVES - Vancouver

I've been an old school brush and blade man made when comes to a shave since my early twenties. There's nothing like a warm scented creamy lather and sharp blade to start your morning. When I want to really relax a shave at Farzad’s Barbershop in Yaletown is the ultimate indulgence. The barbershop at 1208 Homer Street has been owned and operated by Farzad Salehi since 2006. The shop has an old clubby feel with dark walnut, leather chairs, and black and white tiled floor. With just two chairs you should make an appointment 604.408.0060. If you walk-in there's an LCD TV to watch along with a great selection of Brit magazines and newspapers to read. The Deluxe Hot Shave is $25. You'll get, a hot towel treatment, some pre-shave oil massaged into your skin, followed by a rich lather. They usually shave you twice with a straight blade for a baby bottom smooth feel; along with additional hot and ice cold towels to close up your freshly shaved pores. A soothing after shave balm is the final touch. A lovely 30 minute get away in Yaletown. Drop by have a shave then head off to Yaletown for a beer or glass of wine.


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