Thursday, January 22, 2009

TEA - Kusmi Tea Russian Morning No.24

Tea is my preferred choice of beverage first thing in the a.m. I recently came across this breakfast tea at the Farfalla Tea Boutique at 57 Cordova Street in Gastown. The Russian Morning no.24 tea is a blend of Chinese, Ceylon, and Indian black teas. It is a full leaf tea with good colour after infusion. It is medium strength with some tannins, smooth texture, and a hint of subtle smokiness. Not as rich or as malty as pure Assams; but still eye opening The instructions call for one teaspoon per cup and a three to four minute infusion. I opt for the same ratio but a five to six minute infusion for a stronger more tannic morning cup. Packaging is delightful play on the original Russian ownership of the tea blending company one hundred and forty years ago but now firmly entrenched on the avenue Niel in Paris. $38 for 250 grams as well as smaller tins available. I prefer to drink this tea with milk.

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  1. I'll have to visit the tea boutique. Thank you for the information.